Product Advisories

Unsupported ASI66xx and ASI56xx Rev D and older adapters 2019-4-25

Due to changes in PCI(e) implementations in motherboard designs first noted in early 2019, some older unsupported AudioScience products may not work properly in newer systems. This will usually result in a system not recognizing that one of these cards have been installed at all and installing the drivers will have no effect. We have identified Rev D and older cards to be most likely to suffer from this issue.

Some users have reported success with some alternate PCI(e) slots in the same system but failure in other slots. Therefore we recommend trying the card in several slots before assuming this failure. At this time we have not identified a specific technical issue for why this occurs aside from changes to component implemented over the life cycle of a product line. As these effected cards are at least 8 years old at this point and well out of warranty, we can offer no resolution if one of these cards does not work in a newer system.

ASI5111/5211 Auto Clock switching issue 2015-23-14

Some ASI5111 and ASI5211 cards may exhibit an issue whereby the AES/EBU input appears to have a valid input when none is actually present. Because, by default, the card will automatically switch to the sample clock generated by the AES/EBU input, this will cause erroneous clocking and garbled audio.

We thereby recommend that you turn off the automatic clock switching feature of the ASI5111/5211. To do this run ASIControl and select the ClockSourceIn 1 node of the ASI5111/5211. Un-check the “Auto Clock Switching” checkbox. Then change the “Clock Source” to “Local”, if it is not already set to “Local”

Note: To use the AES/EBU input as a source of audio in the future, you will need to manually set the Clock Source” to “AES/EBU Sync” before attempting any recording.

ASI5111/5211 Rev F+ Adapters   2012-11-14

5111/5211 adapters starting with Rev F0 and newer REQUIRE a driver version of 4.10.15 or later.  Please download the latest version from our Windows driver page here or the Linux driver page here.