Jan-18-2019 AudioScience introduces the Hono VSC Basic and lower pricing on the Hono VSC product line
Jan-08-2019 AudioScience introduces QSC Q-SYS plugin for Dante Iyo series
June-4-2018 AudioScience Announces the Iyo Dante Family
Sept-27-2017 ASI5812 sound card enables simultaneous MPX and HD-Radio outputs for PC based radio processors
June-13-2017 AudioScience to Showcase Hono Devices Working with Cisco’s AVB Equipment at InfoComm 2017
May-09-2017 AudioScience AVB devices work seamlessly with Apple® Macs
Sept-07-2016 Hono AVB Controller adds unique abilities
June-02-2016 AudioScience announces Hono AVB Controller and AVnu-Certified Product Updates at InfoComm 2016
Feb-12-2016 ASI5810 and ASI5811 added to half height products lineup
Feb-5-2016 Setron India appointed as authorized reseller
Aug-19-2015 AudioScience Hono AVB Custom is AVnu-Certified
Jun-9-2015 AudioScience announces the Hono AVB Custom at InfoComm 2015
Apr-13-2015 AudioScience announces new half height sound cards and breakout box at NAB 2015
Jan-27-2015 AudioScience Hono AVB Mini(s) are AVnu-Certified
Apr-6-2014 AudioScience announces the half height ASI6788 at NAB 2014
Jun-11-2013 AudioScience unveils first AVB products at InfoComm 2013
Apr-10-2013 AudioScience and WinMedia announce their reseller agreement
Mar-6-2013 HD Radio™ and DAB/DAB+ Functionality added to ASI8821/8921 Series
Apr-12-2012 AudioScience creates Livewire software driver with TSX Time-scaling
Mar-16-2012 AudioScience joins AVnu Alliance
Feb-01-2012 Lua Scripting added to Hono CobraNet ASI2416/Custom and Mini
Sep-08-2011 AudioScience's Connect CobraNet Renamed to Hono CobraNet
Jun-02-2011 Connect CobraNet Series and New ASI2416 Features at InfoComm 2011
Apr-26-2011 FlightSafety International Integrates AudioScience’s CobraNet Products
Apr-04-2011 AudioScience Celebrates 15 Years at NAB 2011 with ASI55xx, ASI6685 and OS X driver
Mar-31-2011 Major Performance Advance for AudioScience PCI Express CobraNet Adapters
Sep-03-2010 AudioScience Announces the PCI Express ASI5211
Aug-04-2010 AudioScience Announces the PCI Express ASI5680
Jun-23-2010 AudioScience Adds PCI Express Tuner Adapter
Feb-16-2010 AudioScience's ASI2202 - A Little Bit Of CobraNet
Feb-16-2010 AudioScience Adds Microphone Preamp Module To Its ASI2416
Jan-12-2010 AudioScience Announces Windows 7 Driver Release
Nov-09-2009 AudioScience Manufactures Its 50,000th Product!
Sep-22-2009 AudioScience's ASI8914 Certified Through iBiquity
May-29-2009 AudioScience’s Line of CobraNet Sound Cards Just Keeps Getting Better!
Mar-13-2009 AudioScience’s ASI5416 CobraNet Linear PCI Sound Card: 16x16 Channels of CobraNet at New Price Point
Mar-06-2009 AudioScience's ASI564x Series Linear PCI Express Sound Cards: New Price Point For PCI Express
Feb-27-2009 Richmond Sound Design's Soundman-Server Software and AudioScience's CobraNet Sound Cards Work Flawlessly Together
Jan-27-2009 Veri-Core Using AudioScience's ASI6416 CobraNet PCI Card in Courtroom Loggers


Nov-12-2008 - AudioScience's ASI5402 2x2 CobraNet PCI Sound Card

Jun-06-2008 - Input Only/Output Only Added to AudioScience's ASI2416 Line

Apr-23-2008 - AudioScience's ASI8914 Honored with Radio Magazine "Pick Hit" Award

Apr-23-2008 - AudioScience's ASI8914 Wins Radio World "Cool Stuff" Award

Apr-08-2008 - New Products for NAB2008: ASI8914 and ASI8921 tuner cards, 64bit Windows Vista driver

Apr-04-2008 - HD Radio Tuner Added to AudioScience's Adapter Line: The ASI8914 Opens New Doors

Apr-02-2008 - AudioScience Redesigns its PCI Tuner Adapters: Smaller ASI8921 Packs Powerful Punch!

Feb-27-2008 - QSC Endorses AudioScience’s ASI2416 CobraNet Unit


Aug-10-2007 - AudioScience Adds Two New Adapters To Their ASI6500/6600 Series

Apr-12-2007 - ASI6585: Fruit of AudioScience/Axia partnership debuts at NAB 2007

Mar-16-2007 - AudioScience celebrates 10th Year of Manufacturing at NAB 2007

Jan-30-2007 - AudioScience adds PAL/SECAM capability to ASI8700 tuner series


Nov-14-2006 - AudioScience becomes an AXIA partner

Sep-19-2006 - AudioScience debuts ASI6500 series and ASIO driver at NAB Radio Show

Sep-19-2006 - AudioScience to debut seven new products at Fall NAB Radio Show

Sep-19-2006 - ASIO interface added to Windows drivers

June-27-2006 - Expansion of ASI6600 series of PCI Express sound cards

April-05-2006 - ASI6600 series PCI Express sound cards

Jan-17-2006 - AudioScience support integrated into official ALSA distribution


Aug-01-2005 - ASI8712 and ASI8713 four channel tuner adapters

April-12-2005 - ASI2416 modular CobraNet interface

Feb-15-2005 - ASI6416 CobraNet sound card


Dec-15-2004 - ASI6044 replaces ASI4344 with more features

Sep-22-2004 - AudioScience to unveil CobraNet and Surround Sound at NAB Radio Show

Aug-01-2004 - AudioScience adopts CobraNet

July-28-2004 - 20,000 Audio Adapters shipped

Mar-01-2004 - ASI8702/3 Tuner Adapters

Feb-10-2004 - ASI5000 Linear Audio Adapters

Jan-05-2004 - Asia office opened


Nov-10-2003 - ALSA driver for Linux released

Aug-04-2003 - Low sample rate MP3 formats added to ASI6000 series

June-19-2003 - HPI driver software released under GPL 

April-7-2003 - ASI2214 SoundSlice USB 2.0 peripheral 

April-4-2003 - WDM Windows driver announced


Oct-16-2002 - Low cost ASI5111 offers microphone preamp with phantom power

Oct-10-2002 - AudioScience adds Time Scaling to ASI6000 adapters 

Sept-1-2002 - AudioScience supports Dolby AC-2 playback on ASI6000 adapters 

July-16-2002 - Radio Systems and AudioScience introduce Breakout Box

April-7-2002 - Built For Broadcast theme debuted at NAB 2002

Feb-27-2002 - Computer Concepts Corporation Goes with AudioScience

Jan-02-2002 - ASI4342 Sets New Price Point for Professional MP3 Audio Adapter.


Nov-04-2001 - ASI6114 Offers Multiple Rate MP3 Recording and Playback

Aug-22-2001 - AudioScience licenses MP3 from Thomson and Fraunhofer 

Apr-24-2001 - BSI and AudioScience announce multi-stream MP3 playback cards

Apr-10-2001 - Register Data chooses AudioScience

Apr-03-2001 - HCJB contracts with AudioScience for MPEG Layer III soundcard

Feb-19-2001 - AudioScience designs custom soundcard for AME 


Jul-01-2000 - AudioScience adds Manufacturing and Engineering Staff  

Mar-10-2000 - Linux driver

Feb-01-2000 - ASI4336 - audio adapter with GPIO and RS422


Oct-01-1999 - AudioScience and EDA announce strategic partnership

Sep-01-1999 - ASI4332 digital audio adapter  

Jul-01-1999 - ASI4601 - MPEG audio adapter supports AES-18 messaging

May-01-1999 - ASI4215 digital audio adapter 


Apr-27-1997 - ASI4111 and ASI4113 digital audio adapters